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Viticulturist, Johannes talks about Chenin

Johannes Mellet, the viticulturist, talks about one of the most well-known cultivars in our region and in South Africa, Chenin Blanc. With a glass of Chenin in his hand and the lovely winter sun on his skin, Johannes surely is in his happy place.

Winemaking process at Klawer Wines

The grapes arrive from the producer. The truck gets weighed to establish the weight of the grapes being delivered. Samples of the grapes are taken to do a quality check. After the truck has been weighed, the grapes are unloaded into containers. The grapes are placed in containers where a machine sep

Klawer Wine Cellar celebrates Women's Day

All the ladies at Klawer Wine cellar had a blast celebrating Women’s Day on Wednesday 9 August.

Pinotage - On its way to the tank

March was the middle of a busy harvest season, and we just wanted to tell you all about it! Relax, pour yourself a glass of wine (from Klawer Wines, naturally), and catch up with a short video clip of our Pinotage grapes being received at the cellar.

Grapes arrive at the cellar in lug

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