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Klawer wine cellars flagship range, Villa Esposto, stand proud with their Tim Atkin scores
Tim Atkin judges several international wine competitions. He’s the co-chairman of the International Wine Challenge and also the chairman of the New Wave Spain Awards. He speaks and teaches at wine conferences, wine associations and corporate and charity events.
Winetech gives recognition to cellar workers
The Winetech study groups make a considerable contribution in the transfer of knowledge to cellar workers in the South African wine industry.
Klawer Wine Cellars celebrates Heritage Day with #tastesunshine
If you love the Namaqualand, having a braai with friends or drinking wine while soaking up the sun, mark 24 September in your calendar for a West Coast celebration unlike any other! Klawer Wine Cellars will be hosting a Proudly South African Heritage Day bash on the 24th of September, which will be combined with’s 21st birthday celebration entitled #tastesunshine.
Spreading the love through wine - #tastesunshine - SAVE THE DATE - Sun 24th Sept
Many of us feel that our wine is a little bit of sunshine in a bottle, and so is inviting you to share this sunshine with your friends/family/strangers - all around the world.
Klawer Cellars again first out of the blocks!
“This Sauvignon Blanc is young, vibrant and uncomplicated. It’s for those people who enjoy their whites smooth and easy, without any ‘thrills and spills’,” says Klawer Cellars’ cellar master, Andries Blake, of their 2017 Sauvignon Blanc that has just been the released.
Cellar workers excel
The top participants in the Winetech Study Groups for cellar workers were just announced, and stand the chance to be honoured as the 2016 SA Cellar Worker of the Year.
Klawer Cellars first out of the starting block with 2016 Sauvignon Blanc
If it’s true that the early bird catches the worm, as the old saying goes, then Klawer Cellars is poised to do just that, metaphorically speaking, after having just released the earliest wine of the 2016 vintage, a crisp and fresh Sauvignon Blanc.
Klawer Wine Cellars to be part of the new Sediment wine program
Klawer Wine Cellars is one of the 13 farms featured on Sediment - a new wine and travel programme starting the 2nd of January 2015 on Kyknet.
Klawer Wine Cellars proud of their achievements
Klawer Wine Cellars is proud of their achievements during 2013.
Out in the Wild West
A flying wine writer surfs the new maritime terroir of the west coast wine route, one of the newest tourism routes - formed by fifteen cellars in the Olifantsriver winelands.
Versatility proves a plus with Pinotage
Pinotage is South Africa’s homegrown red-wine grape and its popularity is on the rise, both locally and internationally.
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